Thursday, April 8, 2010

Some Great Video Reviews of some of our Favorite Usborne Books

These are done by another Usborne consultant but I loved them so much I thought I would share. She goes through several of our favorite books describing the best things about them. Plus you get to get a nice look inside the books! So enjoy!



THAT'S NOT MY TRAIN (Chloe's faves are That's not my Fairy, That's not my Mermaid, and That's not my Princess)


That is all for now but I may even start making some of these videos myself. We shall see! :-)

Peter Usborne teaches about the Very First Reading series

As a teacher I found this very interesting. He goes into lots of detail about how kids learn to read and then how Usborne's new series helps little kids get ready to read! I will be ordering these books ASAP. It is a little long but very informative. :-) Wait til you see the goodies at the end of the book!

Great video showcasing some of our AWESOME books!

Found this great video of a news segment where Kristina Cummins showcases many of our amazing Usborne books!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Combined Volumes: a great deal on great books

Save money with Combined Volumes

Below are examples of the savings you can take advantage of by purchasing Combined Volumes, also known as Bind-ups.These are collections of books from a series bound together as one book ~ sometimes two or three are bound together... sometimes as many as seven or eight. But there are always savings to be had (often the cost of at least one title).

You can download and print the complete list, or see below for a few examples of the savings.

Although you may find Usborne Books at fine children's bookstores and specialty shops, almost all of the 70+ combined volumes shown below are available exclusively from independent Usborne Books at Home consultants.

Please be sure to check the stock list for current availability

Fantasy Quests

Big Book of Fantasy Quests $24.95

$22.85 Savings
This bumper book contains all four titles from the Fantasy Quest series collected together in one great value volume. Solve the puzzles to complete these intriguing and involving quests.

Contains Dragon Quest, Sword Quest, Star Quest & King Arthur’s Knight Quest

Fairy Tales for Little Children

Fairy Tales for Little Children $19.95

$39.80 Savings
A wonderful picture book collection of five well-loved stories introducing young children to the magical world of fairy tales.

Contains Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs, The Frog Prince and Twelve Dancing Princesses

Complete Book of Farmyard Tales

Complete Book of Farmyard Tales $34.95

$104.05 Savings
With ribbon marker and foiled cover, young children will treasure this special book. Especially written with the help of a reading expert to ensure young children succeed in their first efforts to read.

Contains Barn On Fire, Camping Out, Dolly & The Train, Grumpy Goat, Hungry Donkey, Kittens Day Out, Market Day, Naughty Sheep, New Pony, Old Steam Train, Pig Gets Lost, Pig Gets Stuck, Runaway Tractor, Rusty’s Train Ride, Scarecrow’s Secret, Silly Sheepdog, Snow Storm, Surprise Visitors, Tractor In Trouble & Woolly Stops The Train

Illustrated Dictionary of Science

Illustrated Dictionary of Science $29.95

$23.90 Savings
A collection of three illustrated dictionaries, each covering the key aspects of the curriculum for physics, biology and chemistry, and including charts, tables and lists of important information.

Contains Illustrated Dictionary of Biology, Illustrated Dictionary of Chemistry and Illustrated Dictionary of Physics

Dot to Dot

Dot-to-Dot Book $12.95

$28.70 Savings
Bright and lively full-colour activity book with over 200 dot-to-dot puzzles accompanied by interesting facts. Helps young children to develop their first numerical skills

Contains Animals, Dinosaurs, In Space, Machines, Nature, On the Farm & On the Seashore

Adventures in Puzzle World

Adventures in Puzzle World

$43.65 Savings
Fun, challenging adventure stories for young children with a puzzle to solve on every double page. Brightly coloured, cartoon-style illustrations, and answers and hints at the back of the book.

Contains Puzzle Castle, Puzzle Dungeon, Puzzle Holiday, Puzzle Jungle, Puzzle Mountain, Puzzle Ocean, Puzzle Planet & Puzzle Train

If you are interested in any of these combined volumes, please visit my site or contact me at to place an order or get more information.


My Usborne Site

Here is a great link to my site where you can look at all the books that Usborne has to offer. You can also find out more about the business opportunity side of Usborne. (I can offer the kit for half off for my first 2 recruits... so $99 for 31 books and all the business materials) There is also a March special for a smaller kit for only $49.

There is also a place to enter to win $50 in free books. CLICK HERE to enter

For more information on hosting an ESHOW Click HERE

There are several customer specials going on right now. Choose one of these specials for each $35 that you order. CLICK HERE for more details

One of my favorite things about the site is the ability to make a wish list. I started doing that long before I signed up. Now as I earn free books, I will be able to know exactly what I want to order.

More info coming soon!

If the Pioneer Woman loves them then they must be WONDERFUL!

When I was deciding whether to become a consultant with Usborne Books, I ran across this post by The Pioneer Woman. She has such wonderful things to say about the books (as do all the people who commented on her post) I love The Pioneer Woman and am a dedicated reader of her blog... This post sealed the deal for me on making my decision. I thought I would share it with you as well so here you go.... CLICK HERE.

(Photo by Pioneer Woman)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Usborne books: The what and the why

I am feeling so very blessed to have been introduced to the Usborne book business by my friend Tara. I had read several of their books with Chloe (her favorite is That's Not my Mermaid)
I had no idea that I could be a consultant for this company. I am excited about my new adventure selling these books and introducing them to the people around me. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my consultant kit which came with 31 books!!! (I was even able to get mine it for half off because Tara was a new consultant. Nice perk! (I can also offer this to 2 people if anyone is interested)

The box arrived today and me and Chloe immediately tore into it!

These books are so incredible! I am just amazed by the quality and variety of the books. I am so glad that I will be able to have so many of them in our home.

I will be doing more posts soon with information on special book deals that I can offer and info on how you can have your own show... You can even have an E-show! You would earn loads of free books for yourself as well!
I am off to read our new books to my little lady!